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I hope you enjoy the information and tips that I share here on how to take your network marketing business online. I totally believe in the concept of leverage and what network marketing can offer as a business model to those who are looking for something more in their lives.

The Web Has Changed Everything…

The web has changed the way we access information and the way we can do business.  I find however  that many network marketing leaders are promoting and teaching methods that are outdated and  that you would never use  in the business world.  As a result they are not positioning people for success. How many people do you know who were successful in their careers but when they came into network marketing did not experience the same success. Why is that?

What Brought Me To This Point…

Perhaps the reason this stands out so much for me is that I came to this industry with a business background. I am a former CPA and spent 18 years in the real estate industry and built a successful business with my husband.  Although we were making great money we realized that we had no leverage and it was for this reason that I ventured into network marketing.

I Used The Traditional Methods…

Using traditional network marketing methods I built what was considered by industry standards a reasonably successful business, was written up in company magazines and won promotional trips. The problem for me was I was not seeing my team accomplish the same levels of success. I went on a search to find a solution and when I came across an eBook on Attraction Marketing I knew I had found the solution I was looking for.

It Felt Like A Bolt Of Lightning…

It was like I was struck by a bolt of lightning. I was reading about a system that was so similar to what I had used in my real estate business to achieve the level of success there that I could hardly believe it. Why had I not taken the same system that brought me success in real estate and implemented it into my network marketing business?  Instead I had spent three years chasing friends and family, practicing the 3 foot rule and talking to every stranger I met about my network marketing company.

What I Learned From Real Estate…

In our real estate practice we were fortunate to be mentored by two of the top thought leaders in the industry, Gary Keller and Brian Buffini who taught us to brand ourselves, not the company, to provide value to our clients and become their trusted advisers.  We became “the go to” people for real estate and as a result we were able to build a very successful business based on referrals.

I Knew The Truth Of It All…

When I was reading this eBook written for network marketers I got so excited as I knew the truth of what the author was saying.  I made a commitment to implement what he was teaching and not only to share it with my team but with any network marketer who intuitively knows there is a better way to build this business.

I Invite You To Join Me On This Journey…

I am so happy that you dropped by and I invite you to join me on this journey. I can guarantee that if you follow what we are teaching you will achieve a whole new level of success and build a business that will provide a level of satisfaction that you may not have yet experienced.

To Your Success!

Eileen Tansey


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