How To Have A Global Network Marketing Business Online

How To Have A Global Network Marketing Business Online


How To Have A Global Network Marketing Business Online

One way you can have a global network marketing business and make money while you sleep is to take your network marketing business online.  Why take your network marketing business online, you may ask? If you’ve been in network marketing for any length of time and have experienced any of the following:

1.    Have run out of people to talk to
2.   The people you have talked to are not interested in what you have to offer
3.   Your team are not taking action or recruiting new people
4.   You don’t enjoy approaching strangers and pitching them on your business
5.   You don’t enjoy rejection
6.   You would like to make money while you sleep

Taking Your Network Marketing Business Online Is Imperative.

What if your network marketing business could go from an unpredictable process of working through your warm market and bugging strangers to building  relationships with a large list of people who know, like and trust you.  People are happy to buy from you in addition to wanting to be a part of your opportunity. Would that make a difference in your business?

Taking your business online means creating an online presence for you where you brand you, not your product or your network marketing company.  Many people in the industry think  they have a presence online because they are on  Facebook.  However taking your business online DOES NOT mean  going on Facebook or other forms of Social Media and spamming your friends and friends of friends with your opportunity or products. I see this so often and it is so counter productive. It is against Facebook’s rules and it is one of the reasons Facebook is not friendly towards the network marketing industry.

How To Expand Your Influence.

If you want to extend your reach beyond your circle of influence or your community then you must learn  how to do this correctly if you want to see success online.  Facebook alone has over one billions users, imagine learning how to tap into those users in a way that they are attracted to what you have to offer, rather than being repelled by it.

You can have a global business that makes money while you sleep because someone somewhere in the world is ordering and using products and services you offer.  You CAN accomplish this by taking your network marketing business online.


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