How to never get excuses from your prospects

How To Never Get Excuses From Prospects Again


How to never get excuses from your prospects

If you’ve been in network marketing for any length of time you will have heard an array of excuses from your prospects who are not interested in joining your business or buying your product.

Excuses I have gotten over the years have gone like this…

“It sounds great, but I just don’t have enough money to get started.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“Is this some pyramid scheme?”

“I can’t sell.”

“I’m not a people person.”

“This just isn’t my thing.”

“I’ll have to talk with my wife/husband before I join.”

“Let me think about it and I’ll call you next week.”

“How much does it cost to join?”

“Do I have to buy product every month!?”

“I don’t like to recruit people.”

“I don’t know anybody”.

I’m sure you have heard many of these too.

The question is how to respond to them and how to never get excuses from prospects again.

‘How to Handle Objections’ (what excuses are called in the business) is an important part of most network marketing companies’ trainings.

I took many of these trainings and became skilled at handling these objections/excuses. In fact I even went on to train others to do the same.

What I found was that no matter how skilled you are in handling objections if you are speaking to the wrong target market you are not going to grow your business or make a sale.

If you are prospecting people who don’t want what you have to offer handling their excuses is not going to change their minds.

You may find the RARE exception but believe me it is rare and even in those rare situations where the prospect does come on board they normally don’t stay very long.

Totally frustrated I began searching for a solution
and what an ‘Ah Ha’ I had.

I realized that most people in Network Marketing, Uplines included have NO understanding of how to market. Think of it… we are in network marketing yet most of the training is done on how to NETWORK not on how to MARKET

The reason we hear so many Excuses from Prospects is that they are the wrong prospects..

Now I know what I’m saying is contrary to what you have been led to believe but bear with me while I explain:

What if you only marketed to, and recruited, people already involved in network marketing, direct sales or related industries?

People who already have made a decision to make a change in their lives.

Who know the rules of the game.

Who already know what’s required to succeed in network marketing.

Who understand what an autoship is, and why it’s so important.

Who understand the value of investing in training and attending live events.

As a mentor of mine put it  “you never have to put up with excuses when you deal with people who are not looking to make them.”

Now targeting other network marketers is not a new idea. If truth be know this is how most of the top earners got to the top in their companies.

However there’s a RIGHT WAY and WRONG WAY to do this…

How do I know this… well I did it the WRONG WAY so back to my story..

In my period of frustration I tried so many ways to build my business…

After pursuing and running out of my warm market I spent hours in Starbucks talking to strangers.

I bought lists of network marketers and spent hours on the phone calling people  who “didn’t know me from Adam” trying to recruit them into my business.

When I look back on those times I sometimes think I must have suffered from amnesia!!

Coming from a successful business background I suspended everything I knew that worked in business and did activities that I would NEVER have done in my former careers.

In a traditional business would you go into business with a total stranger who called you up on the phone to prospect you…it’s highly unlikely?

I finally made a decision that I was done with chasing prospects and went on a search to find another way.

Thankfully, I found what I was looking for in the form of  Attraction Marketing. I came across a link online and signed up for this Free 10 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

You can check out the same Free 10 Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp here.

This Free Online Bootcamp really opened my eyes to marketing and taught me how to attract other professional networkers, without having to make a ton of cold calls everyday.

It also taught me how to get the people I don’t recruit to my downline, to pay me tens of thousands of dollars per year while creating great value for them as well. Truly a win win scenario.

As a result of implementing the strategies I learned from Attraction Marketing I now have qualified people CONTACTING ME daily….what a change that has made to my income.

How would your business change if you had active networkers contacted you every single day?

Would it change your life?

Or your enthusiasm for this business?

Learning how to market has been a major asset to my business.

In Marketing 101 you learn to market what you offer, to people who are already using a similar product.

Doesn’t it make sense then to attract other professionals already in this industry, who are positive about what you are involved in?

This is how other successful Network Marketers are doing it today and you could be too.

If you are not sure how to go about it I suggest you do what I did and sign up here for this Free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, because that’s exactly what it will teach you how to do.

Here’s to your success!
Warm regards,

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