Just Follow The Proven Business Model

“Just Follow The Proven Business System”


Just Follow The Proven Business Model

“Don’t Reinvent The Wheel”

How often have you heard follow the” proven business system and don’t reinvent the wheel”  in your Network Marketing Business? I spent the first three years of my network marketing career following the proven business system. I followed the prospecting model: talked with everyone I met where ever I went, no one was safe. When I ran out of my warm market I did cold marketing prospecting, bought leads, used auto dialers, you name it I did it. I recruited over 250 people and thought I was on my way. What I didn’t anticipate was the attrition. I had never heard any mention of it.  Call me naive but I was so enamored with my company and products that I couldn’t understand why anybody would not want to be a part of it. Talking about drinking the Kool-Aid!!

The Realization I Came To…

Most of the people I recruited were not willing to do what I did and after the first few times they were rejected either lost enthusiasm and quit or went back to a customer status. After going round and round I came to the realization that I needed to look for a better way.  I needed to reinvent the wheel as the proven business system was not working for me! “The Proven Business System” worked for a small percentage of people who were very connected and had a lot of influence over their circle but for the majority it was not working very well. Most of the people did not have the connections nor the skill sets to create those connections and there was no training on how to leverage modern technology to help them. At first I went online and bought a ton of products that promised a better way.  In that search I came across an eBook that focused on the concept of Attraction Marketing.

How the Law of Attraction Can Influence Network Marketing…

I was very familiar with the Law of Attraction and had seen The Secret and read many books on the topic. But this was the first time I had seen it applied to network marketing. The concept is simple: you attract people to you who want what you have by becoming an information resource for them and a trusted authority for them. You serve them first before you ever pitch them anything about your network marketing business.

Why This Resonated So Much With Me…

I resonated so much with the message because I had built a successful real estate business using the same principals. I had branded myself rather than the company and become an authority figure creating a loyal following of clients who knew liked and trusted me. It worked perfectly.  What I could not understand was WHY I had not incorporated these principals into my network marketing business when I first joined. This bothered me a lot as I realized I had ignored good business strategies that are universal  and  I chose to follow out dated methods and systems which no longer were effective for me.

How The Internet Can Help…

I realized that with all that we have at our disposal today it made  little sense to continue to rely on outdated tactics and not leverage the technology we have at our finger tips. With the internet we have the ability to get our message in front of a global audience, sift and sort, create relationships and only speak to those who want what we have, eliminating rejection. And the best part is a lot of this process can be automated and duplicated to build a solid business. We can plug new distributors into a training system that will teach them how to market and sell correctly setting them up for success in their business. Since implementing this system into my own business it has changed the way I do business making it a lot more profitable and fun!!

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