Prospecting & Marketing: Discover Why You Need To Do Both


A common question I’ve been getting recently is “should I be prospecting  or marketing in my business?

And before I answer  … it begs the question… what is meant  by ‘prospecting’ & ‘marketing’?

What I’ve found is a lot of confusion around these terms.

Despite what many people think, prospecting  and marketing are two entirely different approaches to a common goal. The end goal may be the same, but the way in which each arrives there is completely different.

So check out this short video for the difference between Prospecting & Marketing:

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When I first joined network I was told, like you I’m sure, to make a list and go prospect that list for my business opportunity.

Full of enthusiasm and eager to succeed I did what I was told.

The result was that a lot of the people on that list had no desire to start a business not to mention start a network marketing business.

Undeterred I pressed forward, expanded my reach and prospected everyone I came in contact with.

The more I prospected the easier it became and in the process I finally found some people who were interested in what I had to offer.

I continued prospecting but a pattern started to emerge.

Many of the people I recruited didn’t have the same desire to prospect like me.

Many were not willing to subject themselves to the level of rejection common to traditional prospecting.

It became clear to me that depending on traditional prospecting alone to build a successful business was not going to cut it.

I went on a search and was exposed to the whole concept of marketing and why it was so important.

I knew from my former business experience that all traditional businesses used marketing to attract their perfect customers to them.

Investing in marketing courses I learned the power of using marketing to attract the perfect business partners and customers to me and the skill set to create a profitable business.

I learned the many benefits of taking a business online:

–  Massive exposure to a world-wide audience
–  Unlimited potential to generate leads daily
–  Ability to target highly qualified leads
–  Build credibility & visibility for your brand
–  Automate the lead generation process
–  Allows potential business partners find you when they google you

I also learned the importance of Attraction Marketing and how to :

 –  Attract qualified prospects to you
 –  Identify who your target market is.
 –  Establish what their needs are
 –  Match what you offer with their needs
 –  Find them
 –  How to communicate correctly with them

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Not everyone is your prospect so when you define who is and learn how to market to them it makes your time and efforts more effective.

If you want to be seen as a credible source to do business with in todays environment, establishing an online presence and having valuable content in the marketplace to support your area of expertise is a must.

When you understand how to market correctly you can use this knowledge in your prospecting offline and make it way more effective as well.

The question is with the advance of the internet and social media why do most network marketing companies not promote and teach their distributors how to use marketing correctly to build their businesses?

After all, are we not in network MARKETING?

As network marketers we need to learn not only the skill set of how to prospect correctly so we are not perceived as “pushy salespeople” or as chasing people but also how to market correctly so we are attracting the people who are looking for what we have to offer.

Most marketers fail to create a flourishing business they  CHASE sales instead of ATTRACTING sales.

When you look at the top marketers in the industry, leaders like Ray Higdon, Randy Gage, Todd Falcone ..they all use a blend of prospecting and marketing to build their empires.

Before you go out to prospect again take a deep, hard look at your strategy.

Are you CHASING or are you ATTRACTING?

You may have the best product or service EVER, but if you are taking a traditional prospecting approach only,  then your business will be doomed to mediocrity.

To your success.


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