Five Network Marketing Myths

The 5 Network Marketing Myths That May Be Ruining Your Success


Five Network Marketing Myths
Are your drinking your company’s Kool-Aid?

If you are struggling way too hard in your network marketing business then the reason may lie in the fact that you are drinking your company’s Kool-Aid and you believe in many of the myths that are taught in the industry. Here are 5 common network marketing myths.

Take this quick test to see if are drinking that Kool- Aid.
If you believe any of these myths to be true then the answer is YES!

  1. Everyone is your prospect”
  2. Anyone can do this business?
  3. This really isn’t sales, we just share.
  4. We have the best products ever
  5. You are one recruit away from exploding your business

If you are, don’t feel so bad as you are not alone. I drank so much of it that I shared these network marketing myths with so many prospects and team members. OMG ….. I cringe when I think how often I said them. But when you really think about each of them in the context of marketing you will see how flawed they are.

Let’s take a look at each one of these network marketing myths:

1.  Everyone is Your Prospect:

Really?  This myth leads to a common prospecting  belief that “if you throw enough mud at the wall some of it will stick”.  This has led to weird practices such as the “3 foot rule”. Every social function, family party or event  you become a prospecting  mania. No one is safe. Is it any wonder that network marketing has such a bad image. The only people that are your real prospects are those who come to you with a problem that your product or service solves.

2. Anyone Can Do This Business:

 If this is true, why do 97% of people who come into the business fail? To be really successful in a network marketing business  you have to have the desire  motivation and resources to learn the skill sets that are necessary for success in business. 95% of people who come into this business have no real foundation in effective sale and marketing and many do not have the desire to learn what they need to become a professional.

3.  This really isn’t sales, we just share:

Have you heard the expression (which I  hate to admit I personally used many times!!)  “ The product sells itself”.  The reason for this myth is that as most people hate sales, up lines and sponsors don’t want to scare their new prospects away. This belief causes false expectations as the new person thinks it is going to be easy and when they meet rejection they are not likely to stick around. Does that sound familiar?  It also implies that there is not a need for real sales training which results in the new distributor being inadequately prepared to retail their products and opportunity and they can’t understand why their friends and family said no. Anytime you ask someone to give you money in exchange for a product or service, you are in sales.

4.   We have the best products ever:

A variation of this is  “We have the most lucrative comp plan in the industry”.  The fact is it doesn’t matter to the consumer.  We tend to place all the emphasis on the wrong things.  It is not about the product or the comp plan or how great the leaders in the company are.  Having said that it is important to have a solid company and excellent products so we can give huge value to the consumer but it is how we communicate this value that is important. A top marketer on the internet Ann Sieg put it best when she said  “ You can have the most ground-breaking product in the world, but if you’re not using effective marketing, no one will know and no one will care.” Effective sales and marketing is the most important function in any business. You may believe that your company is the best there is … but every other network marketer believes that about their company too!

5. You are only one recruit away from exploding your business:

Technically this is correct! However this is a myth that is similar to buying a lottery ticket in the hope of winning the jackpot. Technically you can win but what are your chances? There are very few instances where a successful business was built solely from recruiting one leader. Using the right marketing strategy you can build a successful business without ever recruiting that superstar.

Network marketing is an amazing business model
that gives the average person the opportunity to change their lives. However for that to happen it is important that we dispel the myths that surround the industry that create a false sense of promise of what this business is. Often times in companies there is a lot of training done on networking  but little to none done on how to market, which results in a high failure rate. The average person coming into the business knows very little about marketing  and when they go out in the market place they experience a ton of rejection.


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