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Why You Need To Brand YOU And Stand Out From The Crowd


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What are you really selling?

When I went into Real Estate my mentor taught me to Brand myself not my company. He said “people do business with you because of who you are and not who your company is.”

As a result I built a very successful business around that Brand.

When I went into network marketing the focus was on the company. I did what most other network marketers do and worked on building the company’s brand.

It was not until I was totally frustrated and entered the online marketing world that I was reminded of the importance of building my own Brand.

In this post Why You Need To Brand YOU And Stand Out From The Crowd I will outline the reasons why this is so important to your success.

YOU Are The Brand!                                               Why You Need To Brand You_

When most network marketers decide to take their business online, the first thing they do is set up a Facebook page with their company name and pictures plastered all over it.

What they fail to understand is the principle that the real asset in a business is YOU. It is not the company or products you represent.

Your real business is you as a person, your energy, confidence and the value you bring to the market place. Just like in real estate your brand is what differentiates you from every other network marketer out there.

You come to the industry with unique skills, talents, experiences and gifts that you are passionate about.  You can incorporate these into your brand and become known as the “go to “person in your field for them..

 You Sell Yourself First..

You have to sell yourself  before you ever think about selling your opportunity.
In network marketing there is an abundance of opportunities available to people.  This means every opportunity has less perceived value in the eyes of the consumer.

While we think ours is the ‘greatest’ out there, in the eyes of the consumer they all look the same. It is our job to ensure our offer stands out and is worthy of the prospects time and attention.

Contrary to popular belief in the industry we need the consumer more than they need us. While the fact remains that they  may need a business to accomplish what they want in life, they have a lot of options to choose from.

This is the same in any industry. The more competitive the industry, the more each business has to differentiate itself. It was just like that when I was in real estate.

So how do you increase your perceived value?

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The only way to do that is to stop selling the opportunity and start to sell yourself.  While business opportunities may be a dime a dozen, leaders who can help others succeed are not.

By  positioning  yourself as someone who has a lot to offer you stand out from the crowd and people will want to work with you.  According to research 80 % of the prospects decision is based on you and the value you give to them.

When people get to know, like and trust you, because of the value you bring to their lives, and you make a recommendation for a product or service, they will listen to you.

A great example of this principle in action is Oprah.  When she makes a recommendation for a product or service people flock to purchase it. Why?  Because she has put so much value into the market place people know that it will benefit them.

When online marketing is done correctly you are able to create a large list of people who value your expertise. By automating this process there is no limit to the number of people you can build a relationship with simultaneously.

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If you are providing information that they are looking for, you give them value, not a sales pitch, you provide solutions to a problem they have then they will see you as an expert and be willing to listen to you.

Now here’s a thought that may upset some of you!

How many times have you heard of people in network marketing work really hard to build a business,  then something happened with their company and they went out of business?

It happened again very recently. When you build your Brand you are insulated from what happens to your company.

You will have built a valuable relationship with a list of people who know, like and trust you and who look to you for solutions to their problems regardless of the company you are with.

This is a huge asset. These people have needs, wants and problems that your current company may not be able to satisfy.

You will now be able to monetize this asset by recommending other products or services that are congruent with your brand that will be a benefit to them.

We are after all in business to make a profit. What better way to do that, than leverage your Brand and create a solid income for you and your family.

Now That’s Freedom!

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To your success!


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