7 Step Blueprint - Success Tips Crucial For Your Online Business

Your 7 Step Blueprint – Success Tips Crucial For Your Online Business


7 Step Blueprint - Success Tips Crucial For Your Online BusinessAre you open to different ways of achieving your goals? Unless you have achieved your desired income level, have a solid team and a secure future it makes sense to consider other methods to market your product, service or opportunity.

Traditional marketing will work to a point, but when you or your team members run out of family, friends and friends of friends, who do you talk to?  The number one complaint in network marketing is the lack of leads and qualified prospects to present to. This is why opening up your options and taking your network marketing business online can be a very profitable solution for you and your team.

By following this 7 Step Blueprint – Success Tips Crucial For Your Online Business,  you will learn the skills for success and have the ability to attract people who actually want and need your product or service. Imagine having a steady stream of people calling you to join your business or purchase your products.

Let’s dive into the 7 Step Blueprint – Success Tips Crucial For Your Online Business.  If you miss one of these you risk failure online.

1   Identify the need or problem you product or service solves.
2.  Identify who has the problem -your target market.

3.  Set up a Marketing System to automatically reach your target
4.  Create ads that offer free value
5.  Offer the solution
6.  Follow Up
7.  Make additional offers.

Let’s explore each of these in more detail.

1. Identify The Need or Problem Your Product or Opportunity Solves

This is a crucial step as people don’t buy products or join opportunities they buy solutions to their problems. You need to identify what exactly you are selling and how you are going to position yourself as the “go to person” to solve their problems. It is important to remember that in online marketing you are going to Brand You and not your company. People do business with you because they know like and trust you and not because of the company you are with.

2. Identify Who Has The Problem – Your Target Market

Despite a common belief in network marketing not everyone is a target for your product or opportunity. You will focus on who has the type of problems your product or service solves and where do you find them. The more clarity you get about your target the more focused your marketing will be. For more on choosing your target market checkout this Post Here.

3. Set Up a Marketing System to Automatically Reach Your Prospects

To maximize your income and leverage your time you need a system that automates much of your marketing. The system will include elements such as lead capture pages, lead magnets, auto-responders, blogging, pay-per-click ads (PPC), pay-per-view ads, (PPV) and of course the ability to market on social media.  If you have technical skills and time you can create a system from scratch or you can take advantage of a System that already has a track record of success which I would recommend especially when first starting.

4. Create Ads That Offer Free Value

Why give away valuable information for free? For someone to buy from you they must trust you. When you provide useful information you have the opportunity to establish a trust relationship that will result in future sales. You are also building a list of subscribers which becomes a valuable asset in your business.

5. Offer the Solution

When the client trusts you and values your opinion they are more likely to buy your solution.

6. Follow Up

This is the key to any sales process.  We all know that people need several exposures before they are ready to buy. It is also less expensive to keep a customer that to look for a new one. The more meaningful contact you make and the more value you give the more likely the customer will continue to do business with you.  The good news is that much of this follow up can be automated using an auto-responder.

7. Make Additional Offers.

This is where the real money is!  As not everyone on your list  will be interested in your network marketing company or their products once you have established the relationship you can present other products or services that will be of value to them.

This 7 Step Blueprint may seem like a lot of work  when you first start of. However if you invest in training and a really good Marketing System that has a track record of success you won’t be spinning your wheels. You will learn a skill set that will be invaluable to you. If you implement these success tips  you will be able to design your online business in a way that you will attract people who want what you offer. Imagine being able to eliminate rejection. How much more fun would your business be!


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